Getu Hirpo Begna

Getu Hirpo (Mr Begna) also known as Gates is an independent artist based in the UK. Getu is a very intelligent, talented, versatile and creative musician- singer, songwriter and performer. Getu studied performing art at London Southwark college. He has a diploma in popular music. He is also an entrepreneur.

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DJ Tag

DJ TAG From TNT internet radio says....

THE SWEETEST SOUND... Getu's songs are absolutely new and different.. over the top crossing true hip hop with a flair you won't believe - to pop with the sweetest sounds you can imagine.

Getu's songs 'Feel it' and 'Come2me' have been played on TNT internet radio daily in 2010.

Fans Comments

Song commented on - feel it

Tristyn-leach said:

cool R&B track very commercial sounding. a kind of mix of r kelly and even enrique very catchy song , sounds good .enjoyed

3 April 2016 10:46 at mp3unsigned

MC Squared said:

Yeah, feeling this track! 🙂 Vocally you have a heartfelt Michael Jackson vibe going on. Musically the production is mint! Very professional. Not hard to believe you went to music college 🙂

2 April 2016 18:58 at mp3unsigned

Breakthrough EP

Breakthrough EP is consisted of 7 songs. It  is Getu's debut studio album. Breaktrough was recorded in 2010 at Applebeam studio in London UK. All songs in the album were written by Getu and produced by Paul Miles at Applebeam studio. Paul played live guitar in most of the songs.

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Feel it - available download