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breakthroughEpLet me introduce myself

My name is Getu Hirpo. Some people call me Gates. I am a recording artist (Independent artist).  I am currently promoting my debut album ‘Breakthrough EP’ online. Breakthrough EP is a new pop music which is composed of new pop, rnb and hip hop songs. Basically it is a new sound of music. Breakthrough EP is available for free streaming on this site. If you are  interested in discovering new songs (new pop songs), you just came to the right website.  Breakthrough EP is a new music album released in 2017.

I am selling the album through digital downloading sites. You can support me to raise money for my next music projects by downloading the songs from digital music distributing websites. My singles 'Feel it' and 'I feel good tonight' can be downloaded from iTunes, Amazon, Google Music, Spotify and many others. Just go to your favorite music distribution site and type my name 'Getu Hirpo' to download the singles. My debut album 'Breakthrough EP' can be downloaded from Google Music. Alternatively you can download 'Breakthrough EP' from Bandcamp. For more details please go to the download section of this page.

Thank you in advance for showing interest in my tunes.


Breakthrough EP is a new sound of music made up of new pop, hip-hop and rnb songs.  Most songs in the album are energetic, empowering and exciting. They are love songs from different genres mainly pop, R&B, hip hop and ballad. All songs in the album were written by Getu Hirpo. The album was recorded at Applebeam studio in 2010 in London UK with producer / engineer Paul Miles. 




What do people think about my NEW SOUND OF MUSIC? Well I have been getting some constructive comments from all kinds of people around the world. The comments were quite encouraging and inspiring.

Dora - Fan at N1M

I’ve been listening to your music in these last couple of days non stop, I played your music for my friends at a dinner party and everybody instantly loved it.

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MC Squared

Yeah, feeling this track! ? Vocally you have a heartfelt Michael Jackson vibe going on. Musically the production is mint! Very professional. Not hard to believe you went to music college ?

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DJ Tag (TNT Radio)

THE SWEETEST SOUND… Getu’s songs are absolutely new and different.. over the top crossing true hip hop with a flair you won’t believe – to pop with the sweetest sounds you can imagine.

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Latest news and updates

I am currently promoting my debut album 'Breakthrough EP' online. I have got so many exciting things ahead of me. There is still lots to give. I am planing to make more new pop songs, new hip-hop and rnb songs that make you feel excited and happy. Be part of my dreams and keep tuning in for latest updates.

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